About Me

Growing up in central Illinois, I was diagnosed with asthma at a young age. It was bad. I was told I’d be lucky to see the end of my twenties if I picked up smoking in high school, and I spent a decent chunk of a family trip to Wisconsin in high school hooked up to a nebulizer so I could breathe well enough to go out on the snowmobile trails. While most of the random asthma attacks (and the preventative inhalers) are gone now, I still fall victim to the classic exercise-induced asthma, which tends to be a problem when you style yourself a “runner.” However, with sufficient conditioning and a handy inhaler, I pushed myself to finish the Indianapolis Mini Marathon in 2010. I repeated that feat in 2011, with a marginally better time (that I maintain had more to do with the size of the crowd than the effectiveness of my conditioning). Going into 2012 and heading toward that 30th birthday, I upped the ante and set a goal of 100 competitive miles for myself. The rest, as they say, is history.

Also, I really get into the FIFA World Cup. Chalk it up as a side effect of doing sports statistics on and off for 9 years and having been in Spain once during EuroCup.


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