For Boston, For Boston

For the last 18 hours or so, I’ve had the lyrics of Dropkick Murphy’s “For Boston” stuck in my head. Specifically, the mental playback has been from the first verse:

For Boston, for Boston, 
we sing our proud refrain 
for Boston, for Boston
’tis wisdom’s earthly fane
for here we are one 
and our hearts are true 
and the towers on the heights
reach to heav’n’s own blue.
for Boston, for Boston
’til the echoes ring again”

I tried to smile. Really, I did. It just wasn't happening.

I tried to smile. Really, I did. It just wasn’t happening.

Today, in honor of the victims of the explosion at the Boston Marathon, #RunChat asked runners to wear race shirts to work today. Since my office is relatively casual, I grabbed my Indy Mini shirt from last year and laced up the neon green AdiZero Sonic 3s for the day. Will it change anything to wear this shirt? Probably not, but it makes me feel connected, makes me feel less like I’m drifting and makes me feel like I’m wrapped in the running community’s embrace as we all try to cope with the senselessness of this tragedy.

As I sit in my office, I’m reminded of an e-mail I once received from (then) Wabash College President Andy Ford as a college freshman in 2001 …

“Terrorists want to disrupt our lives. I urge you to deny terrorists this victory. Let’s continue going to classes, continue teaching, continue working, and maintain our community. These terrorist acts illustrate the need for people who think critically, act responsibly, lead effectively, and live humanely. Let’s stay at this most important work together.”

Whether this was the act of one person or a larger group, Ford’s words still ring true in my ears. Let’s stay at this important work together …


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